Nene H
1 december 2022
NaamBeste Aydin
Functie47 × DJ
HerkomstDuitsland Duitsland
Genreshard techno, techno


Nene H has become one the underground's most favoured DJs and producers. Her infinite creativity, refined taste and unique approach keeps convincing dance floors all over the world. Hailing from Istanbul and based in Berlin, Nene H has transformed her upbringing and heritage into a key influence in her work. Her devotion to the crowd and nonconformist attitude has proven to be just the right recipe to turn her performances into memories.
Her impact has already led her to play as the world's most regarded clubs including Berghain in Berlin and Possession in Paris, she obtains residency at 'Endurance,' Copenhagen's most-hyped club-night as well as regular slots at Kyiv's newest club '∄'. As a classically trained pianist, her curiosity has led her to manipulate her music knowledge into advanced experimentation with her gear. This has led her to deliver boundary pushing live sets for Berlin Atonal and CTM Festival...
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