Zyrus 7
15 februari 2015
NaamAndreas Tomalla
Functie9 × DJ
AliasTalla 2XLC
HerkomstDuitsland 🇩🇪
Genresprogressive trance, psytrance, trance


Zyrus, born in frankfurt / germany, started at early age getting addicted to the magic of electronic music. He began playing progressive trance from the end of 2002. Since then he has played and performed at big raves and festivals like ultra miami, nature one, Rolezinhos brazil, next to people like Astrix, Infected Mushroom, Paul Oakenfold and more, he decided in 2014 to start a new project and Zyrus 7 was born.
He'd released several solo singles, collabs with swiss psy artist "Liquid Soul" and with "Splattered implant" Uk. All of his single were top 5 at beatports psy 100 charts
In 2010 he was awarded by his hometown with the medal of honour for his international cultural work. In 2011 he travelled for the german goethe institute to the countrys of uzbekistan and tajikistan. He was the first electronic dj playing in uzbekistan and filled a tennis arena of 3500 ppl. The ticket were gone in 1 hour...


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