31 mei 2021
NaamMelissa Sneekes
Functie61 × DJ, zangeres
HerkomstNederland Nederland
Genresafro house, deep house, future house, house, moombahton, progressive trance, tech house, techno


Sneekes is a Dutch female DJ based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. She was born in The Netherlands but raised in the UK (Birmingham) for 17 years where she grew up in the era of UK Garage, Jackin' House and Bassline. Sneekes moved back to Holland in 2007 to pursue a musical career.

She recorded her first solo track "Closer" as a singer but when she started dj-ing in 2014 she was so captivated by the whole dance scene that she knew she wanted to become a DJ.

After a few years of playing at big Dutch and international venues she developed a genuine love for Tech House, House and Techno.
Inspired by some of her favourite tracks in her sets Sneekes decided to give producing a shot.

This resulted in her first release "Don't know what" with Big & Dirty Records. The track is set to be released in oktober 2019 and will be her debut single as a DJ.

Uitgaansagenda Sneekes

Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 28 oktober 2023: Kinky At The Fun, Fun4Two, Moordrecht


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