Chok Dee (foto)
NaamHenri Mailly
Lid van groepenBrothers In Arms & Footworxx Militant Crew
Genreshardtechno, industrial hardcore, schranz
Henri Mailly was fairly unknown to hard electronic music, until 2003. That year he went to hardcore parties and clubs for the first time. To be more specific, he went to parties that were surrounded with the dirty sounds of mostly industrial hardcore and hard techno, getting addicted to the dark but very satisfying atmosphere of the hardcore scene. His fascination for this music needed a new chapter in his life, he wanted to something with it. Henri always had a profound and deep interest in the world of deejaying, and this interest only grows as he was continually going to these parties...
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Party agenda Chok Dee
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Party agenda Footworxx Militant Crew (groep)
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Army of Hardcore · 10 Years on X-Mas43 bezoekersTurbinenhalle, Oberhausen
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very good mixing skillz.. :jaja: