Drum Tone
21 april 2015
Functie45 × DJ
HerkomstNederland Nederland
partyflock Tim (Hooft) (10 aug 2015)


When Drum Tone, in the year 2004, visited one of the legendary Awakenings parties on the NDSM Wharf in Amsterdam a whole new world opened up to him. That night proved to be an eyeopener: the passion for techno had arrived.
Inspired by the music he borrowed his first turntables. Quickly after that he had is own equipement together. After a few years of practice he started organising parties and playing in and around Amsterdam. He played in venues like Studio80, Bunker, Sugar Factory, Chicago Social Club and Undercurrent.
Full on, but always sufisticated: he brings people to the next level with his catching techno sound.

Nowadays his life is electronical music: he's resident DJ at the Junction techno parties in Amsterdam, he organises the biggest DJ competition in Holland, the TWSTd DJ Contest, and he's a booker at the wellknown techno agency Switch. Recently he started to produce his own music so he can tribute, with his own ideas, to nowadays techno music.

Uitgaansagenda Drum Tone

Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 25 april 2014: Junction, Sugar Factory, Amsterdam


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