Paralizer (foto)
NaamAlex de Ras
FunctieDJ, producer
AliassenAlex de Ras, MD&A, Xzellar
Genresearly hardcore, oldschool
With almost 20 years experience behind the decks, in production studios and at creative positions at Dance 2 Eden, DJ Paralizer may definitely be called an expert on Early Hardcore. Since 1993 he is rocking dancefloors throughout the country and beyond.

His style is best described as a unique blend of raw and catching nineties hardcore. His sophisticated techniques are complimented with scratch-skills which he aquired during the vinyl-era.

In 1996, he co-founded the successful hardcore act MD&A and co-produced hits like 'Braindead' and 'the Cracken'. In 1997, DJ Paralizer started producing solo-tracks. On Dance 2 Eden records, he released a 5-track EP, containing the title track 'Move your body' and the major hit 'Bizarcore'.
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Party agenda Paralizer
Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 3 maart 2018: Ghosttown, Central studios, Utrecht

Party agenda MD&A (alias)
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3 november 2012
Foto's, Ghosttown 2012, 3 november 2012, Central Studios, Utrecht
15 september 2012
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19 november 2011
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12 maart 2011
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10 november 2007
Foto's, The Eden Rave, 10 november 2007, Vechtsebanen, Utrecht
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Lekkere platenkeuze :jaja:
Lekker "PARAnoid" achtige early tracks op Ravers night :bounce:
[N.G.F.] R.
Heerlijk gedraaid op Ghosttown 2009
[ r_­AW ] Detoxicated
Held! :respect:
Minister van Duistere Zaakjes
move your body super track
never a DUL moment

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de man achter dance 2 eden :respect:

en draait altijd strakke early hardcore!
hij en Fuckface waren top @ Ghosttown :respect: 'K hoop dat ze met hun 2 vollop bezig zijn met retro hardcore:)