op de kaart
5 juni 2018
Opgevolgd door POING.
AdresSchiekade 201
3013 BR
Nederland 🇳🇱
Telefoon+31 10 3021256
Opvolger van MavV's Bar.


BAR is Rotterdams first travelling bar. Created in 2011 BAR aims to bring livelihood to forgotten areas and to re-energize the city of Rotterdam' s night- (and day) life.
Opened 4 days a week BAR organises concerts, parties and all sorts of other imaginable events.
BAR is also the perfect place to just hang out and enjoy a cup of coffee, a sandwich, soup or a burger. Meals range from american to canadian and a bit of dutch cuisine. Good food for a good price.

BAR is currently located in our second BAR, in the Schieblock, a multipurpose building for the creative economy, at only 200 meters from Central Station.
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Uitgaansagenda BAR

Laatste feest was op zaterdag 31 augustus 2019: Modular Festival × by Night


Laatste feest was op donderdag 19 oktober 2017: BAR Love Forever, Struik, Amsterdam


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BAR · feesten in het verleden

Modular Festival × by Night
Modular Festival17 bezoekers
BAR · Closing Weekend (This Must Be The End)5 bezoekers
BAR × Clone2 Partyflock
Operator · Whitsunday
Electronic Emergencies
Mechanism2 Partyflock
COLT × Strange Therapy
Wilde Renate Dance Party
Nachtdigital × Modular
BAR · Willikens & Ivkovic
BAR · Detroit Swindle (All Night Long)1 Appic
Contra · Kingsday1 Appic
BAR · Kingsnight2 Appic
MOMO Festival video's 2 aftermovie · MOMO Festival × Secret Club K, MOMO Festival × Mash///Up · 2019 · Motel Mozaïque (2:55)
teaser · MOMO Festival × Secret Club K, MOMO Festival × Mash///Up · 2019 · Motel Mozaïque (0:46)
Digital Tsunami
Cooking with Palms Trax
BAR · Summer Garden Opening1 Appic
Observatory2 Partyflock
Planet Dance · Another Rave Party
BAR · Giegling one more time
Het Verbond1 Appic
BAR · Museumnacht Afterparty
Confetti Fest After Party
BÄR Is Burning · Gaynight
submid One Year1 Partyflock
BAR2 Partyflock
BÄR Vs Pip · The Finals
BAR Poolparty
The Game
All Night Italo
BAR · HUNEE all night long1 Partyflock
Free BAR
The Game
Happy 6 years · BAR's Final birthday party
Happy 6 years · BAR's Final Birthday Party
Contra · NYE33 Appic
Modular DJs all night
Heartbreak · The Christmas Edition
The Dojo
Clone Label Night
Grote Rdamse Kunstkerstborrel #4
The Community #2
The Game
Het Verbond
BAR TV1 Partyflock
The Game
Dungeon Master #2 · Khalil's Anniversaire
Shake what your MAMA gave ya
Enters The Unknown Tour
Wilde Renate Dance Party1 Partyflock
Minimal Rome · 15 Years
The Game
REC. Festival
REC. Festival
Bar Halloween · The Circus Edition
Pinkman · 5 Years of Tears
Dogma2 bezoekers
Luna Saturni
Red Light Radio Clubnight
Klakson Label Night
Bär Is Burning · Rotterdam Pride edition1 Appic
Vijf jaar Nous'Klaer
Het Verbond
BAR1 Partyflock
BAR + BAR Records Releaseparty
Modular After the Mini Fest
Bar Holiday
Bar Holiday
Bar Holiday
Bar Holiday
Bar Holiday
Blijdorp By Night7 Appic
Bar Holiday
Bar Holiday
Bar Holiday
Het Verbond
Free 4 Now
Giegling at BAR
BAR1 Partyflock
The Community
After the Boat
BAR10 bezoekers
Mini Bar
Luna Saturni1 Partyflock
BAR1 Appic
Off.Kilter Residents Night
Clone Label Night6 bezoekers
BAR Poolparty3 bezoekers
Bar19 bezoekers
Free BAR1 Partyflock
Abadan Bar · Kingsday7 bezoekers
Plastic. × WHYOU · Kingsnight Special
Bordello A Parigi1 Appic
Dekmantel label night4 bezoekers
The Taste Of David Vunk video's 2 teaser · The Taste Of David Vunk · 2018 (0:35)
aftermovie · The Taste Of David Vunk · 2018 (1:25)
42 bezoekers
Plastic5 Partyflock
Bar6 bezoekers
Bar7 bezoekers
Nachtdigital Flex54 bezoekers
Plastic10 Partyflock
Hunee all night long30 bezoekers
Pinkman · 5 Years Of Tears2 Partyflock
Plastic.9 Partyflock
Bar1 Partyflock
Plastic. Attend is guestlist/ pink item is guestlist7 Partyflock
Heartbreak · Valentine Edition10 Appic
Clone Label Night19 bezoekers
Plastic. × Stukafest4 Partyflock
submid8 bezoekers
Bar8 bezoekers
Dreams4Sale7 bezoekers
Bar23 bezoekers
Plastic2 Partyflock
Bar1 Partyflock
Bar World Series #7
Bar Nieuwjaarsborrel2 Partyflock
Het Verbond7 bezoekers
MinimalRome2 Partyflock
Modular dj's all night long13 Partyflock
Bar Vs Pip6 Appic
BAR · 5 year anniversary Weekender25 bezoekers
Plastic9 Partyflock
Contra · NYE45 bezoekers
Plastic. invites1 Partyflock
Heartbreak · The Christmas Special16 bezoekers
Operator club night · Support the station11 bezoekers
Seksueel Relevant5 bezoekers
Dekmantel Soundsystem all night long7 bezoekers
The Trago Train3 Partyflock
Mike Servito & Kennedy1 Partyflock
Legowelt5 bezoekers
Bar World Series #62 Partyflock
Bar presents Jackmaster13 bezoekers
Abadan BAR17 bezoekers
Bar presents I-F, Ron Morelli & Slick Chick4 Appic
BAR Poolparty3 Partyflock
BÄR Is Burning · Gay Night3 Partyflock
Bar presents Young Marco · all night long
Luna Saturni1 Partyflock
Wilde Renate Dance Party · 10 Jahre Renate6 bezoekers
BAR invites16 Partyflock
Bar of the Living Dead · Halloween
The Dojo ??1 Partyflock
Het Verbond8 bezoekers
Bar19 bezoekers
Bar World Series #5
Bordello A Parigi4 Partyflock
Red Light Radio club tour1 Partyflock
Heartbreak · Can you stand the rain?1 Partyflock
Nous'klaer Nacht25 bezoekers
BÄR · The Rotterdam Pride Edition1 Partyflock
Bar1 Partyflock
BAR Poolparty3 Partyflock
Bar2 Partyflock
CHIPS17 Partyflock
Rush Hour 20 Years6 bezoekers
Bar World Series #41 Partyflock
David Vunk & Zaltan2 Partyflock
Bar World Series 31 Partyflock
CHIPS14 Partyflock
Holiday3 Partyflock
BAR holiday2 Partyflock
Faces4 bezoekers
BAR Poolparty2 Partyflock
Chips11 Partyflock
Modular Festival Afterparty53 bezoekers
Het Verbond12 bezoekers
Cooking with Palms Trax · All night long13 bezoekers
Moustache 10 Yrs4 bezoekers
Chips15 Partyflock
Woei · 10 Year Anniversary Party21 bezoekers
Hemelvaart Special31 bezoekers
Bar presents Giegling24 bezoekers
Chips60 bezoekers
BAR Poolparty /32 bezoekers
Heartbreak1 Partyflock
Bar8 bezoekers
Kingsnight15 bezoekers
1009 Appic
MTC Party · Top Secret easter club edition40 bezoekers
NachtiBAR52 bezoekers
Chips38 bezoekers
Het Verbond6 bezoekers
Club Charlois4 bezoekers
Luna Saturni6 bezoekers
Operator17 bezoekers
MINGO5 bezoekers
BAR24 bezoekers
CHIPS54 bezoekers
DIPS invites3 Appic
Pastelle8 bezoekers
Selectors6 bezoekers
Bar × Benny × Ben6 bezoekers
Clone Records 25 Years · Return of The Future Tour – Kick-off16 bezoekers
BÄR Is Burning · Gaynight18 bezoekers
DIPS6 bezoekers
Heartbreak · Valentine Edition13 bezoekers
CHIPS17 Partyflock
10011 bezoekers
BAR13 bezoekers
CHIPS55 bezoekers
BAR 4 Year Anniversary16 bezoekers
Detroit Swindle21 bezoekers
Happy New World9 bezoekers
The END7 bezoekers
Heartbreak · The Christmas Special24 bezoekers
Jingle Bar5 bezoekers
Dreams4Sale4 Partyflock
Hoelahoep · 3 Years2 Partyflock
Poolparty · The Winter Edition3 Partyflock
BÄR · Gaynight3 Partyflock
Moscoman & Man Power1 Partyflock
Blijdorp Winter Festival Afterparty10 bezoekers
Cinnaman b2b Interstellar Funk1 Partyflock
Chips53 bezoekers
BAR invites5 Partyflock
BARong Label Night2 Partyflock
BAR6 Partyflock
BARbeq5 Partyflock
BAR presents Electronic Emergencies2 Partyflock
Rush Hour & Red Light Radio8 Partyflock
360 Degrees3 Partyflock
Chips47 bezoekers
MTV Music Week3 Appic
Buiten in bar video's promo · Buiten in bar · 2016 (1:00)
BAR presents Highlife2 Partyflock
KaraokeBAR · Halloween4 Partyflock
Acid arab dutch release party6 Partyflock
Chips Weekly85 bezoekers
Bordello A Parigi1 Partyflock
BAR3 Partyflock
KLUB Opening Night2 Partyflock
Wilde renate dance party2 Partyflock
BAR invites7 Partyflock
BAR4 Partyflock
Chips21 Partyflock
BÄR3 Partyflock
BAR4 Partyflock
Detroit Swindle & Mr. Mendel6 Partyflock
OBEY × Daily Rush12 Partyflock
Chips15 Partyflock
Get On Down3 Partyflock
Heat4 Partyflock
BAR goes Bananas
BAR2 Partyflock
Blijdorp by Night3 Partyflock
One Night in Cómeme4 Partyflock
DÂK Afterparty4 Partyflock
BAR Poolparty17 Partyflock
Chips25 Partyflock
Pardie · Edição Tropical2 Partyflock
BAR1 Partyflock
Hard14 Partyflock
BAR3 Partyflock
BAR2 Partyflock
Prins Escort Summer Service3 Partyflock
Club Charlois4 Partyflock
BAR3 Partyflock
Chips31 Partyflock
Buiten de bar2 Partyflock
Sofrito tropical discotheque3 Partyflock
Prins Escort Summer Service1 Partyflock
DIY3 Partyflock
Bordello7 Partyflock
Modular Festival Afterparty13 Partyflock
Tim Sweeney all night long4 Partyflock
BAR3 Partyflock
DIPS2 Partyflock
Heartbreak · The love fight2 Partyflock
Hunne all night long4 Partyflock
CHIPS32 Partyflock
ArtyFarty Solar PreParty4 Partyflock
Solar all night long
Kojo vibe nation7 Partyflock
Magic jams4 Partyflock
Bar invites Dj Tennis2 Partyflock
CHIPS21 Partyflock
DIPS3 Partyflock
Parelmoeder · The Funeral7 Partyflock
BAR4 Partyflock
Chips10 Partyflock
BAR10 Partyflock
Cosmic Cosmo6 Partyflock
Enlightenment3 Partyflock
Chips8 Partyflock
Disco Halal Labelnight2 Partyflock
HangOver SunDays3 Partyflock
Bordello A Parigi11 Partyflock
BAR invites Heat7 Partyflock
CHIPS14 Partyflock
Citcat1 Partyflock
Chips18 Partyflock
Triphouse Rotterdam King Of The Beat Battle 20165 Partyflock
BAR invites Red Light Radio5 Partyflock
BAR1 Partyflock
CHIPS9 Partyflock
Club von westen4 Partyflock
Sodabar2 Partyflock
Idelette All Night Long3 Partyflock
Poolparty8 Partyflock
Dekmantel presented by BAR7 Partyflock
Viewlexx7 Partyflock
BAR3 Partyflock
BAR2 Partyflock
Beautiful Swimmers & President Bongo2 Partyflock
Barplus Opening Night2 Partyflock
Buiten in BAR2 Partyflock
Bar2 Partyflock
Cryptic2 Partyflock
The very polish cut- out3 Partyflock
Pardie2 Partyflock
Bar2 Partyflock
Heartbreak · Let us be your Valentine2 Partyflock
BAR4 Partyflock
DIPS9 Partyflock
Wanderlust · 1 Year Anniversary11 Partyflock
Sodabar4 Partyflock
The cococlub1 Partyflock
BAR presents9 Partyflock
BAR1 Partyflock
Bar invites Heat4 Partyflock
The Big Lebarski3 Partyflock
Chips Season 213 Partyflock
Parelmoeder7 Partyflock
BAR 3 Year Anniversary7 Partyflock
Chips Weekly · We invite6 Partyflock
Intensive After Care3 Partyflock
The Neverending Story11 Partyflock
Holy Spirit3 Partyflock
Pardie1 Partyflock
SodaBAR3 Partyflock
Tangram Records
De Aller Laatste Gay Bar5 Partyflock
DIPS · Opening Edition6 Partyflock
Club von Westen4 Partyflock
Pakjesavond5 Partyflock
Chips25 Partyflock
Buiten in BAR video's trailer · Buiten in BAR · 2015 · Eiland Gasten (3:00)
9 Partyflock
BAR10 Partyflock
Reflex9 Partyflock
Streetfood BBQ · 1 Year Anniversary1 Partyflock
BAR4 Partyflock
Midnight Express4 Partyflock
BAR presents Acid Arab & Mehmet Aslan5 Partyflock
Idelette All Night Long6 Partyflock
Electronic Emergencies1 Partyflock
Chips16 Partyflock
Day of the Dead9 Partyflock
BAR7 Partyflock
Bordello a Parigi4 Partyflock
SodaBAR14 Partyflock
Gay BAR1 Partyflock
Heartbreak2 Partyflock
BAR invites Heat3 Partyflock
Disco Dolly × Triphouse Rotterdam9 Partyflock
Wanderlust7 Partyflock
Bordello Von Westen5 Partyflock
Beat the Bar1 Partyflock
Parelmoeder · 1 Year anniversary3 Partyflock
San Soda All Night Long × Eiland Gasten10 Partyflock
Pardie XL8 Partyflock
Young Marco All Night Long7 Partyflock
Chips16 Partyflock
Citcat1 Partyflock
Gay BAR2 Partyflock
Early Rave Party13 Partyflock
SodaBAR3 Partyflock
Bokito Bar · Blijdorp Festival Afterparty15 Partyflock
BAR Goes Bananas3 Partyflock
Legowelt10 Partyflock
Chips25 Partyflock
Ideslet All Summer Night Long11 Partyflock
Dâk In Bar8 Partyflock
BAR2 Partyflock
Lost & Sound Afterparty20 Partyflock
BAR Poolparty9 Partyflock
Confetti Club12 Partyflock
Pop Dip N Spin3 Partyflock
Mint10 Partyflock
Andras Fox1 Partyflock
Heartbreak2 Partyflock
Malawi All Night Long2 Partyflock
Chips25 Partyflock
Pardie2 Partyflock
Fett Burger & Telephones3 Partyflock
Hef-tig8 Partyflock
Citcat4 Partyflock
My First Porn Party5 Partyflock
Gay BAR · Get Synthesized2 Partyflock
Garage Sale b2b Edition5 Partyflock
Bar Goes Bananas2 Partyflock
Chips25 Partyflock
Hausmagger2 Partyflock
Sodabar2 Partyflock
Parelmoeder10 Partyflock
Beat the Bar · 6ft10 Celebrates4 Partyflock
Buiten In Bar video's teaser · Buiten In Bar · 2015 (0:44)
18 Partyflock
Aardvarck & Awanto 33 Partyflock
Hemelvaart7 Partyflock
Cocomotion3 Partyflock
Madame Jeanette × Oedipus Brewing × Bar2 Partyflock
Chips20 Partyflock
Wanterlust × Absolut10 Partyflock
Public House5 Partyflock
Ideslet All Kingsnight Long5 Partyflock
Club von Westen4 Partyflock
Fever5 Partyflock
Trax Appeal3 Partyflock
Pardie4 Partyflock
Gay Bar · Electro Chique & Synthpop for the Queerest of the Queer6 Partyflock
King Of The Beat Battle video's aftermovie · King Of The Beat Battle · 2015 (2:34)
12 Partyflock
Fruitcake4 Partyflock
Chips13 Partyflock
Mint11 Partyflock
BAR invites6 Partyflock
Chips7 Partyflock
Citcat2 Partyflock
Chips8 Partyflock
Layered3 Partyflock
Heat8 Partyflock
Magnetron Music 10 years3 Partyflock
Club Yes1 Partyflock
Chips8 Partyflock
Rush4 Partyflock
Fever3 Partyflock
Buiten In Bar video's aftermovie · Buiten In Bar · 2015 (2:08)
5 Partyflock
Spring Break3 Partyflock
Rio3 Partyflock
Gay bar3 Partyflock
Afterparty1 Partyflock
Wanderlust invites Innershades18 Partyflock
Go Bananas · Doppelgang Edition3 Partyflock
Ginetic2 Partyflock
Cocomotion2 Partyflock
The Infamous Mudclub
De Buurtsuper goes Hollywood
Miami Bar2 Partyflock
Parelmoeder4 Partyflock
HAPPY BAR · 2 Year Anniversary3 Partyflock
Innercity Sound10 Partyflock
Alles Komt Goed1 Partyflock
Chips13 Partyflock
Wonderland2 Partyflock
Jingle Bar with Biergarten Soundsystem
Club von Westen6 Partyflock
Our Little Old House
Pardie2 Partyflock
Intergalactic Connection1 Partyflock
Triphouse Rotterdam × For Those Who Know5 Partyflock
Pakjesavond1 Partyflock
Pinball3 Partyflock
The infamous mudclub · A subtle dislocation of the norm1 Partyflock
CHIPS · Creative Playground6 Partyflock
NON - BAR2 Partyflock
Electronic Emergencies2 Partyflock
Goodbye Hello1 Partyflock
Rotterdam Beats2 Partyflock
Rotterdam Beats1 Partyflock
Ideslet all night long1 Partyflock
BAR invites1 Partyflock
Club von Westen6 Partyflock
Trax Appeal5 Partyflock
Bass Odyssey
Parelmoeder4 Partyflock
Blijdorp Festival Official Afterparty1 Partyflock
Boothstock afterparty1 Partyflock
Club von Westen XL9 Partyflock
Trax Appeal1 Partyflock
Donker × Triphouse5 Partyflock
Limboo 33 Partyflock
G'rof Night3 Partyflock
Mysteries of Planet X2 Partyflock
Dikke Vette IJsjes3 Partyflock
Go bananas
Bad Girls Club Museumnight Afterparty2 Partyflock
Trax appeal2 Partyflock
Maison d'être · De Smaak-editie2 Partyflock
BARslecht1 Partyflock
Rotterdam's Acid Feest · Vinyl Edition10 Partyflock
Bar 1 Year Anniversary1 Partyflock
Nooit meer Vreemdgaan6 Partyflock
Bombay Show Pig
Jinglebar · Het grote niet te missen Rotterdams Kerstfeest7 Partyflock
Love me Tinder1 Partyflock
Back to de Buurtsuper1 Partyflock
Our Little Old House1 Partyflock
Club von Westen · Het grote Syntherklaasfeest6 Partyflock
Rêve × BAR1 Partyflock
Jägerland · Jägerland tour Rotterdam7 Partyflock
Barslecht2 Partyflock
Disco Cousteau · fete le Beaujolais Nouveau
Space Jams1 Partyflock
Rollerbar · Skate party
Buma Rotterdam Beats2 Partyflock
Miami bar1 Partyflock
Buma Rotterdam Beats3 Partyflock
Nachtvorst1 Partyflock
Aan! Official release party2 Partyflock
Jungle Boogie2 Partyflock
Halloween Student Massacre · Halloween Party1 Partyflock
Rotterdams Acidfeest4 Partyflock
Wellness1 Partyflock
Wichelroede2 Partyflock
Cue1 Partyflock
Central District
Juke Box XXL4 Partyflock
Citcat1 Partyflock
Dikke vette Ijsjes
Club von Westen12 Partyflock
Breakfast Club · Loves Rotterdam8 Partyflock
David Vunk & Taras van de Voorde birthday party2 Partyflock
Tender is the Night
Disco Cousteau1 Partyflock
Get on Down1 Partyflock
Wellness1 Partyflock
IJsjes2 Partyflock
Carrot Cake Celebration1 Partyflock
Peyote XXL · Steven Pieters' 30th Bday Bash25 Partyflock
Sobar3 Partyflock
Rêve9 Partyflock
Peyote · Discoteca Hipnótica7 Partyflock
Hausmagger & Friends · LP release2 Partyflock
CUE1 Partyflock
Sobar2 Partyflock
Peyote · Discoteca Hipnótica3 Partyflock
Club von Westen12 Partyflock
Midlight2 Partyflock
Peyote · Discoteca Hipnótico1 Partyflock
Happy New Bar · NYE party