Intensive After Care

Intensive After Care

Intensive After Care (flyer)
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Genres (schatting)
classics × 2, funk, deephouse, 90s, house
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Time to get your body fully recharged for a fresh new year at BAR!

Intensive After Care provides everything you need to start the year revitalized. Laugh the hangover away with our comedian Aron Elstak and get a relaxing massage to recover your body. Become fully zen with the Yoga workshop, get in a positive state of mind with Mindfulness training by Amanda Wams and let Streetfood BBQ fill you up with some proper Soulfood!

Feeling recharged after all these fun, positive and happy activities? Stick around for the night and experience more positive vibes, bass and love with Cookachoo (Live) supported by Seethrough & Philou Louzolo!

Your fresh start begins at Bar on the 2nd of January.
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