1 mei 2020
NaamAnna Moreau
Functie87 × DJ
Leeftijd33 – 34
HerkomstFrankrijk 🇫🇷
Genresacid, house, techno


DJ, Producer & Label owner

Anetha is a trained Architect based in Paris, now fully dedicated to music and focused on developing her career as a DJ, producer and Label Manager.

As a leading figure of the new generation of French DJs inspired by EBM, trance, electro and old school 90's techno tracks, Anetha knows how to make people dance. She always tries to offer an intense, energetic and unpredictable journey to her public, with a strong and fresh tracks' selection.

Anetha played in the most famous clubs and festivals, such as Concrete, Bassiani, Under Bron, Faust, Village Underground, De School and Berghain – but also Soenda, Weather Festival, ADE, Nation of Gondwana or Freedom Festival. Recently, she has been invited at a DVS1 curated Fabric night, and also made a standout apparition at Boiler Room Amsterdam, being ranked as one of the best techno set of the year by Boiler Room itself. This year, she continues to thrill the electronic music scene worldwide, playing at DGTL, Dour Festival, Solidays or Scopitone.

Uitgaansagenda Anetha

Awakenings · Summer Festival1045 bezoekersBeekse Bergen, Hilvarenbeek
Abstract Division, Adiel, Adriatique, Alan Fitzpatrick, Amelie Lens, AMÉMÉ, Anetha, Barry Can't Swim, BELLA, Blawan, Carmen Lisa, Chaos In The CBD, Charlie Sparks, Chloé Caillet, Chris Stussy, Cincity, Clara Cuvé, Elli Acula, Estella Boersma, Etapp Kyle, en nog 30 andere artiesten →
Stone Techno Festival36 bezoekersZeche Zollverein, Essen
Adriana Lopez, Amotik, Anetha, ANNĒ, Benjamin Damage, Colin Benders, D.Dan, Dasha Rush, Elli Acula, Estella Boersma, Hasvat Informant, Hyperaktivist, Kameliia, Lacchesi, Less Distress, Mac Declos, Mola Mola, Oscar Mulero, Philippa Pacho, Sol Ortega, en nog 4 andere artiesten →
ZeeZout Festival107 bezoekersTuinen van West, Amsterdam
Anetha, Bad Boombox, Bitter Babe, Blasha & Allatt, D.Dan, Doppelgang, DYKEHAUS, Elias Mazian, Europarking, Interplanetary Criminal, Jetti, Lola Edo, Lucky Done Gone, Mac Declos, Mall Grab, Malugi, Moody Mehran, Narciss, Nene H, OG Karin, en nog 6 andere artiesten →

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