foto Locklead
NaamWesley Endeman
FunctieDJ, live act
Lid van groepPhreaks of Visions
partyflock Wesley Endeman (8 feb 2020)


Locklead also known as Wesley Endeman is a 25-year-old house music producer and DJ based in the city of Utrecht.

Grew up in a little village called Nijverdal near Zwolle mostly listening to motown, funk, soul and hiphop. Around 2011 he got in touch with underground (illegal) house and techno party's around Zwolle. It were exactly those times which made him reveal his vision of house music mostly to himself and then he started experimenting with some samples in a program called Fruityloops.

After months of experimenting and practicing on producing he released his first EP, this was back in july 2013. After that he put op some free downloads and started sending out promo's to other DJ's and the support he received was huge.