Lil' Louis
7 augustus 2014
NaamMarvin Louis Burns
Functie34 × DJ
HerkomstVerenigde Staten 🇺🇸


Pioneer, Icon, Mogul, and Renaissance man are all words that describe Louis Burns a/k/a Lil Louis. An international Artist, Producer, Songwriter, DJ, Author and Director, Lil Louis is credited as being the Founding Father of House Music.

As the son of the late great Blues artist Bobby Sims, music became essential in Louis's adolescent life when at age 8 he begin to play the drums and bass. In 1974, while working at a party organized by his mother Mary to unite Chicago gangs, Louis was asked to play after the DJ fell ill. The acclaim from the crowd birthed the 12-year-old's career as a DJ, and by many accounts, the birth of House music. Shortly after, he began DJing at adult nightclubs. It was during a police raid at the River's Edge club, that Louis was given his now renowned stage name 'Lil Louis" from a riled, witty police officer.

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