Prosumer (foto)
NaamAchim Brandenburg
WoonachtigVerenigd Koninkrijk
Genresclassics, electro, house, techno
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the man called Prosumer is besotted with it. Since Achim Brandenburg heartily grabbed the microphone under this moniker in 2005 for Frankfurt's then undisputed Label Playhouse, he showed that lasciviousness, a fever for Chicago's Jack flavour and consciousness of tradition aren't necessarily bound to a time and a place. Vision, passion and knowledge make Prosumer a guardian of house music history and one of the formative artists, influential DJs and important producers of our days.
While deriving his name from Alvin Toffler's techno sci-fi-bible The Third Wave (producing and consuming at the same time), Prosumer lives up to his name...
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http://www.­residentadvisor.­net/dj/prosumer/biography Prosumer is een Duitser! Verder één van mijn favo DJ's
viespeuk eerste klas, om je vingers bij af te likken....­hij in de panne, ik in de panne!