foto Leon Vynehall
NaamLeon Vynehall
FunctieDJ, live act
HerkomstVerenigd Koninkrijk
Genreshouse, techno


Leon Vynehall has already proved himself to be that rare thing – an artist with his own agenda rather than a producer aping the sound of the day. To date his off kilter sounds have come in the form of EPs of labels like Brighton's Well Rounded Housing Project, George FitzGerald's ManMakeMusic imprint and Will Saul's Aus Music and have been carefully crafted things layered with musicality whilst never straying too far from a infectious groove.
As someone with formal music training in his youth and a listener of anything from post punk to classical, funk to disco, soul to techno, all these things and more impact on the music Vynehall makes. His tempos, timbres and sonic palettes always vary with the end results being raw, expressive sounds with their own unique charm...