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Lola Haro is one to watch. Hailing from Antwerp, she burst into the scene in 2018 with a fresh selection of warm sounds and an intuition for creating the right mood. Her love and passion for music and her authentic approach has been refreshing and gained her a lot of recognition in the Belgian club scene. In only 12 months' time she earned a residency at Paradise City Festival and Kiosk Radio, got her first Boiler Room under her belt, shared the dj booth with countless highly respected international selectors and was awarded as "Most Promising artist of 2019" by Red Bull Elektropedia.

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Curfew FestivalRecreatiecentrum BlaarmeersenGent
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Paradise Down by the LakePark van BeerveldeBeervelde
Lola Haro, noc:turne (nog niet compleet)
Paradise Down by the LakePark van BeerveldeBeervelde
Lola Haro, Nicolás Lutz, Seduction, Victor
OLT Rivierenhof InvitesOLT RivierenhofDeurne
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Klub Dramatik Festival · In Transition uitverkochtPark VogelzangAntwerpen
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