Adam Port
1 september 2020
NaamAdam Polaszek
Functie76 × DJ
Lid van groepKeinemusik
HerkomstDuitsland Duitsland
Genreshouse, minimal, techno


Technoʼs biggest flaw is its self-referencial tendency. You know the deal, the common contemporary DJ/Producer steals an Underground Resistance-Record from his older brother at the age of 16 (biographical details may vary, not to impair the facts, though), thus presuming to have found the holy grail (what, of course, nobody is claiming to deny).

His world is shrinking down to Detroit, Chicago, New York and Berlin within the following years, heʼll equip himself with records and turntables and not look over the rim of his MKII ever again. Adam Ports biography is different. Adam was Hardcore, when he was 16. No, not Rotterdam- Hardcore. Weʼre talking New York-, Boston- and Washington D.C.-Hardcore here. Itʼs a past that he still lives up to, cultivating it in his vegetarian-straight-edge-lifestyle.

Uitgaansagenda Adam Port

KeinemusikThe Brooklyn Mirage, New York
&ME, Adam Port, Rampa

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