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15 juni 2024
NaamDavid Natochen
Functie9 × DJ
HerkomstDuitsland 🇩🇪
BoekingenSite …


A Berlin-native with Ukrainian roots, Chontane has been carefully shaping his sonic aesthetic for several years. It's his dedication on all levels and professions with sound that has fueled his rise in the international scene through consistent releases and gigs at Basement in New York, RSO and Tresor in Berlin, Bret and Radion in Amsterdam, Fold in London, Fuse in Brussels, or even Laster in Madrid.

The young selector has passed through Europe's most respected booths to play his percussive blends to motivated dancers. Whether it be in his regular DJ setup or his new vinyl/digital hybrid, Chontane's sets maximize grain and transients while staying efficient and fresh all the same. As a producer, the impact of his records come from his long standing interest with the music, but also from his background and experience as a sound engineer.

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