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­ Nederland
Profielafbeelding · Noizefucker
Fast and Distorted
WoonplaatsAlmere (Flevoland)
Favoriete genres90s hip hop, 90s rock, acidcore, acidtekno, alternative metal, black metal, breakbeat, breakcore, breaks, broken beat, classic hip hop, crossbreed, crossover thrash, crust punk, dark techno, dark wave, darkcore, darkpsy, darkstep, death metal, death rock, deathcore, deathgrind, deep tech, digital hardcore, doom metal, doomcore, drum & bass, drumstep, dubstep, early frenchcore, early hardcore, early rave, early terror, electro-industrial, electronic rock, electropunk, emo, emo rap, experimental, experimental rock, experimental techno, extratone, extreme metal, flashcore, freestyle, french tek, frenchcore, funk metal, future hip hop, gabber, garage punk, glam metal, glitch, glitch hop, glitchcore, grime, grindcore, groove metal, grunge, happy hardcore, happy techno, hard dance, hard electro, hard psy, hard rock, hard techno, hardbass, hardcore, hardcore punk, hardfloor, hardstep, hardtek, heavy metal, heavy techno, hip hop, house classics, IDM, industrial, industrial hardcore, industrial hip hop, industrial metal, industrial rock, industrial techno, instrumental hip hop, intelligent techno, liquid drum & bass, lo-fi, lo-fi hip hop, melodic speedcore, melodic techno, meme techno, metal, metalcore, midtempo bass, millennium hardcore, minimal techno, nederhop, neo rave, neurofunk, noise, noise rock, nu metal, oldschool, oldschool hardcore, oldschool hip hop, oldschool house, oldschool rave, oldschool terror, phonk, polka, post-hardcore, post-metal, post-punk, power metal, power noise, powerviolence, progressive metal, psychedelic rock, psychedelic techno, pumping techno, punk, punk rock, raggacore, rap, rap house, rap metal, rap rock, rapcore, rave, rawstyle, rock, rock & roll, rockabilly, roots reggae, roots rock, schranz, screamo, shock rock, ska, ska punk, slow techno, slowcore, sludge metal, speed metal, speedcore, speedrock, splittercore, symphonic metal, tech house, tech trance, techno, techstep, tekno, tekstyle, terror, thrash metal, trap, tribecore, UK hardcore, uptempo hardcore
Lid sinds31 mei 2002 23:54
Laatst hier11 april 2024
Laatste aanpassingwoensdag 10 april 2024 om 22:38



1997 was the year when he got his second turntable and Starting learning mixing

his first booking in 2001 was a 10 minuts dj set because of the nerves and to hard for the people

from the second change given to him from people that where on the same party all things turning on well

in the coming years he developed an unique distorted and fast style with nearly no limits

in this same period he starting to make music and finally a track got released on hong kong violence label from akira

the style of playing as dj and tracks made on the computer got more appreciated

resulted in more releases on vinyl and bookings

in 2004 he recorded a dj mix for the darkcore mix cd's from masters of hardcore

and got releases on labels like: Speedcore(de), Goddess of disaster(FR), Special Forces(de)

at the year 2007 his first release came out on the Headfuck record label

together with the destroyer this record is special for noizefucker because

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