NaamNafthaly Hirchi
Genresclassics, dancehall, eclectic, hip hop, house, r&b, soulful house
Where words fail, music speaks. This is a saying which describes miss Nafthaly Ramona best. With hiphop and R&B influences by the likes of Naughty by Nature, Mase, Montell Jordan and Jagged Edge, it was quite clear by the age of 14, she was destined for greatness.
After back pocketing a College Degree, the urge to pursue her musical career grew even bigger. Reminiscent of house parties and friend filled sunny beach days, Nafthaly started to compile music that could bring herself and others that good and warm feeling from back in the day. With added pressure from friends always asking her for advice on what to spin at their party, it was now time to make a move...
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