NaamJørgen Hvirring & Sjors Lammertink
Functielive act, groep
Oud leden
S.Wings, Sjors Lammertink
Very few electronic acts give meaning to the word 'live' the way Lövestad does. Their performances are so uniquely dynamic that even the Panorama Bar in Berlin took note, booking them for one of their very first shows back in 2015. Since then, Lövestad's sound has steadily matured, taking their liveset from Amsterdam's Royal Concert Hall to Fusion Festival in Lärz.
Curating their own nights at De Marktkantine (inviting Session Victim and Paul Woolford among others). Selling out their own concert nights, playing three-hour improvised livesets. Spreading their wings taking their liveset abroad to clubs like Hive in Zürich and Klein.Garten in Istanbul.
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