Shockwave (foto)
NaamJoey van der Linden & Jeroen van Ee
FunctieDJ, groep
Hardstyle DJ duo Shockwave (Joey van der Linden and Jeroen van Ee) started producing back in 2008. The last 5 years they developed theirselves as a talented producing team as well as an entertaining performing duo. They have a goal, becoming a recognized name in the hardstyle scene and create a shockwave amongst the crowd with their music. Their decision to send their demo to Dutch Master was successful. He believed in their talent and invited them into his studio. Their first collaboration 'The Quiet Hour' was released in 2012 and reached number one positions at all important download portals. A great start, hitting the charts right away and according to DJ mag a 'high energy hardstyle monster'.
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Hele lekkere set met oude hardstyle klappers in Famous vorige week vrijdag bij Maximum Force back in time! Jullie enthousiasme straalde over naar het publiek
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