Eclectasy · 5 juni 2009
NaamDanny Sapulete
Genresdisco, electro, funk, groove, house, lounge, soulful house, techhouse
partyflock DJ DANSA (26 feb 2017)


After playing for over 15 years of house music, dj Dansa calls himself a veteran.
Danny Sapulete was born in Breda in The Netherlands (1980). He grew up in a musical family and started playing piano. But after a while he couldn't get his satisfaction out of it untill once he got in touch with the clubscene and clubmusic at the age of 16. After this awesome experience of the sounds and the dj in the dj booth interacting with the audience, Danny knew for sure that this was the thing he really wanted to do. It started as a hobby and nowadays the gigs are mostly well known parties with big reputations. DJ Dansa'S Sound can best described as a combination of bigroom house with sometimes a Latin influence...

Uitgaansagenda Dansa

Laatste feest was op maandag 30 april 2018: Footworxx, Turbinenhalle, Oberhausen
5 juni 2009
Foto's, Eclectasy, 5 juni 2009, Showtime, Breda
9 november 2007
Foto's, Jump Together, 9 november 2007, De Gouden Leeuw, Terheijden
12 augustus 2006
Foto's, Blue Beach party 2006, 12 augustus 2006, 't Blauwe Meer, Loon op Zand

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Dit is echt kwaliteit! :respect:
Deze man is echt goed! :respect:
Doe mij die blauwe cocktails ;)

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Doe mij die blauwe cocktails ;), You totally rock dude!
Artiest Bad Trip
Buitengewoon goed! You Rock ouwe! FFWD, EXTREMA! Bruut!
grote man!