foto Turne
NaamTurne Flynn Edwards
Leeftijd39 - 40
Genreseclectic, hip hop


Turne ( real name no gimmicks ) was born in Amsterdam in 1979 after his mom ( Cape Town ) & dad ( Detroit ) met each other there in the mid 70s.....

FFWD to 1996 and you find the young man practicing hours on end after being infected with the Technics virus, and the motto "practice makes perfect" in a room full of Dr Dre, Duran Duran, Michael Jackson and Michael Jordan posters.

Ever since Turne has been playing all over The Netherlands and parts of Europe and built a following amongst music connoisseurs worldwide.

His sets are full of energy due to his tight mixing combined with tight scratching and his ability to read the crowds needs. Combined with his musical knowledge its a shure shot!
DJ Turne klaar voor de Red Bull Music 3Style World Finals · 25 januari 2019
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