DJ+ (foto)
NaamPaulus van der Heijden
Lid van groepDUBieus
Genres2step, breakbeat, breakcore, drum & bass, dubstep, garage
Boekingen viaSite
When dubstep became 'big' a couple of years ago, we loved it, it was fresh, new and it made us want to dance. One of those DJ's who did, was DJ+. Starting out with IDM and other experimental electronic music over a decade ago, DJ+ picked up these new frequencies as one of the first in Holland. But it didn't stop there.

Moving on quickly, Paulus – his real name – became resident at the infamous Lockdown parties and at Melkweg's dubstep-concept 'Sonic Warfare'. The latter celebrated it's 5 (!!) year anniversary last December, making it one of Holland's oldest and most successful dubstep parties.
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