NaamJos Kelder & Marco Van Der Helm
FunctieDJ, groep
Genreshardstyle, raw hardstyle
partyflock Bass Chaserz (6 mei 2016)
Marco and Jos started their shared passion for hard dance music at a very young age.
Over the years, both Marco and Jos developed as DJ's and started to show more and more of themselves in the world of hard dance music. In January 2011 they made the groundbreaking decision to collaborate and start performing as a duo. To make the collision complete they took on the name of 'Bass Chaserz' and started to build a career as DJ's/Producers.
After participating in a local DJ contest, they became a standard name at the local concept 'All you need is Hard'. Last year they signed at the SYS-X Records label from Cardiac Music and they allreay performed at some of the biggest party's Holland has to offer. Defqon.1 festival, Ground Zero, Hardstyle maniacs, Qapital and Dance Valley...
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Party agenda Bass Chaserz
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een heel goede set op emporium 2017 (:
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