Onderkoffer (foto)
NaamEnzio Latu
Genreselectro, house, trap
SiteSite onderkoffermusic.com
Also known as Enzio, is a young Progressive House, Electro House -and Trap Producer/DJ from The Netherlands.

Interested in House and Hiphop, he began experimenting with FL Studio in 2007 making mostly Hiphopbeats. Within several years he grew in producing House music untill he also discovered the genre 'Trap'. With alot of knowledge and experience with Hiphop and House, Trap was fairly quick to master because it's basically a combination of both Hiphop and House sounds.
What makes the beats of Onderkoffer so special, is that he mixes a lot of genres together because of his diverse experience with listening and producing these genres. In his House tracks for example, he tries to combine house sounds with Hiphop-like sounds.
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Laatste optreden was op zondag 20 augustus 2017: LatinVillage Festival, Spaarnwoude, Spaarnwoude
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