Krowdexx (foto)
NaamDestefanis Giulio & Calvino Simone
FunctieDJ, groep
Genresraw hardstyle
Destefanis Giulio and Calvino Simone aka Krowdexx were born in 1996 in Alba, a little city in the north of Italy.
Since they had 13 years old they're attracted by hard music like hard trance, hardstyle and hardcore, when two years later they decide to start producing hardstyle music.
They won dj contest Shock in 2013 with the acronym Noisedominators and one years later after a lot of hours spent in the studio, Kattiva records decided to release their track, Demons of past, with the new acronym Krowdexx.
This label gave them a great opportunity to emerging in the hardstyle scene.
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