Lost Frequencies (foto)
NaamFelix de Laet
SiteSite lostfrequencies.com
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Felix De Laet aka. Lost Frequencies is now topping in almost every top 10 in european countries, with his new single "Reality", that is growing even stronger than "Are You With Me". Which confirms the fact that he will not be just a one-hit-wonder !

Belgian producer Felix is quickly gaining recognition for producing a new and intuitive style of quality music. It's hard to believe that he began producing in earnest just 3 years ago, after getting his very first computer. Growing up in a musical family, Felix played piano alongside his brothers from a young age. Never one to settle in place, De Laet takes his inspiration from Hip-Hop, Jazz, to Drum and Bass. He listens to everything and lets his broad taste inform his musical decisions.
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Zeer goed ben je kerel mijn respect dit is nou wat je echte muziek noemt.≠