Team Rush Hour (foto)
NaamOmar Woudenberg & Branko Woudenberg
FunctieDJ, groep
Genreship hop, house, r&b
A spark ignites the very first moment that the brothers Omar en Branko Woudenberg known as Team Rush Hour spin the turntables. From that moment on the two brothers decided that this is their way to influence crowds with dazzling music. Both have been into producing music since their youth but will continue the love for music from the DJ-booth.

Driven by ambition and following their hart they found a club where they could practice and develop their DJ-skills during the day. While learning from other experienced DJ's their natural talent excelled into true skill. Team Rush Hour created a more stabilized practice location by offering the local club to perform on two nights. In return the fresh team could practice daily and for free during the day.
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