NaamBas van Herpt
Genreshardcore, raw hardstyle
Rough Kicks, demolishing screeches and atmospheric melodies. That's what you can expect from Level One!

20 year old Bas van Herpt started his career in 2012. Since then he's creating the thing he likes the most: Hardstyle
He came in touch with the harder styles when he was young and since then he stayed loyal to the scene.

Working day and night to create what's in his mind. He unveiled his work after a couple of years and released some of his ever-improving productions.
With recognizable floor-filling tracks he is working his way up.
This youngster has already made a name for himself after energetic performances at Xplosive, Maximaal Raw and Purge
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Geweldige Dj! zit in me top 3 opkomende artiesten.­ Samen met Pegasus/Unresolved.­ Niks veranderen, houden zo, Beukse Bas!