flyer elrow Ibiza
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Amnesia Ibiza (binnen) op de kaart Site
San Antonio Road Km. 5
San Rafael

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Line-up elrow Ibiza

10Facebookbezoekers @ 19 februari 2019
24Facebookgeïnteresseerd @ 19 februari 2019
406Facebookuitnodigingen + geïnteresseerd + bezoekers @ 15 augustus 2019
100 / 0·mannen / vrouwen
23.0·gemiddelde leeftijd
23.5·leeftijd mediaan
In 2019 the white island will shine every Saturday from May 25th to September 28th

On May 25th elrow’s residency kicks off at Amnesia ibiza and will continue until October 5th.

Since elrow’s beginning at Amnesia Ibiza in 2017, the club has seen, more than 1700 actors, 300 stilt walkers and 200 aerial performers that have united to create the vibrant worlds that make up elrow's now legendary themes, with 1.7 tons of confetti dropped throughout the series. With more than 12,000 inflatables let loose across the season and an additional 1300 different costumes worn by performers, it cemented the party's reputation as Ibiza's most unmissable residency.
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