Break-Fast (flyer)
Break-Fast (afbeelding)
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Voorverkoop is gestart op woensdag 14 oktober 2009.
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Ja ik zag de line-up al hangen bij de vorige editie.­ Dit is niet mis zeg! Puur genot!

Moving effortlessly through styles from drum and bass to dubstep, Breakage has proved himself to be one of the most versatile operators in either scene to date. A prodigious talent, he already as a number of classic releases under his belt but continues to develop his sound. Combining rich tones and a sense of spaciousness in the mix, Breakage’s music is both subtle yet devastatingly effective. With basslines big enough to test any dancefloor and DJ support ranging from Shy FX to Marcus Intalex to Mary Anne Hobbes, his tracks have wide ranging and lasting appeal. Breakage’s second longplayer is due in 2009 and will no doubt feature tracks across a range of tempos. Never one to be pigeonholed, you can expect fresh music of the highest quality from Breakage and hear this first as he takes the album on tour worldwide.

Never afraid to make an impact, Breakage burst onto the drum and bass scene back in 2000, announcing his arrival with a raucous remix of a hardcore classic, Nasty Habit’s ‘Here Come the Drums’ on Reinforced. He backed up this bold move, however, with a series of EPs for the legendary label proving he was no young pretender. Developing a close relationship with veterans such as Equinox (Scientific Wax) and Threshold (Special Branch), Breakage was at the forefront of new wave of breakbeat scientists bringing a percussive sound back to drum and bass at a time when the scene seemed to have forgotten it’s jungle roots.

A regular guest at nights such as Technicality in London and Bassbin in Dublin, Breakage brought his own unique mix of reggae basslines and timestretched funk breaks to the clubs with huge success. Released on the Inperspective label, his remix of Equinox’s ‘Acid Rain’ twisted the Amen break to new levels and served as a rallying call for producers to looking back to the original drum and bass sound. Breakage’s 12” for the Bassbin label, ‘So Vain b/w Mars’, would go on to become a classic and drew support from a range of DJs across the scene, including Fabio, Shy FX and Zinc.

Support from Planet Mu boss Mike Paradinas resulted in a release on the esteemed label (‘Drowning b/w 9th Hand’) and hinted at the appeal of Breakage’s music beyond the club environment. With further releases on labels including Critical and Scientific Wax plus the development of a collaborative partnership with DJ Flight (under the name Alias), Breakage had already proven his versatility and shown that he was capable of much more.

Following on from this success, his debut album release came in 2006 and clearly demonstrated Breakage could adapt to a range of styles. Featuring joint efforts alongside SP:MC and Rohan, ‘This Too Shall Pass’ also included more slower tempo material and hinted at what was to come.

Linking up with Digital Soundboy in 2007, Breakage soon turned heads with the haunting half-time beats of ‘Clarendon b/w Shroud.’ It came as no surprise that he would make waves in the dubstep community with his next release, ‘Callahan b/w Untitled,’ after having remixed one of the scene’s biggest tracks to date, Benga & Coki’s ‘Night,’ alongside Shy FX as Digital Soundboy.

With his sophomore LP due for release in 2009, it’s sure to be another busy year ahead for Breakage. A further single (‘Together b/w Rain’) is slated for release on Digital Soundboy before the album, which will feature some high profile collaborations as well as solo productions.



'Making simple things complex.'

West London based producer 'Data' has been turning heads with his mature and different approach to modern day drum and bass production. Quickly rising through the ranks with a slew of signings, his tracks quickly found their way into many top dj's bags, including Goldie. Data's focus on ambience, groove, minimalism and experimentation provides a whole new take on current drum and bass.
A fan of technology, Data recalls experimenting with old Casio and Yamaha keyboards bought for him as a child. His dad's love of 70's rock lead to him following some bands around with a camcorder as a kid and that's when multimedia began to form in his mind. After being introduced to Drum and Bass through pirate radio stations and friend's mixtapes, Data was keen to the learn the art of mixing and began his exploration into the scene. Mixing lead to production and hooking up with his close friend, Nebulus. Making their first tunes on an Akai 3000 and an old Soundcraft desk (which Data still uses!), it was clear that he had a lot to learn and Data began to slowly piece together his equipment and skill. Playing on several pirate stations around London, Data eventually settled down into his weekend show on Life FM, run by Paul Roast. After playing his regular slot for many years, Data decided to lock himself away in the studio and really see how far he could take his production. Fast forward to 2008 and Data's signing to Metalheadz heralds the next chapter of his musical journey.

laatste aanpassing
breakage !
Mmm.. wie weet:)
heb wel weer eens zin aan n DnB feestje:woep:
verrassende naam voor break-fast moet ik zeggen! ik neem aan dat hij zn dubstep platen thuis gaat laten? either way ga ik me hier zeeeeer goed vermaken :D! mooi dat je m naar groningen haalt fre4knc!
No problem fusieNL ;) We wilden hem al 2 jaar boeken en nu is het dan eindelijk gelukt! Voor mij is breakage een grote grote held.

Op zich past hij aardig in het rijtje van artiesten die we eerder hebben gehad toch? Equinox, [sub] en paradox bijvoorbeeld. En inderdaad, ik heb gevraagd om een dnb set. :)

errrrug dope flyer.. waarom worden die dingen niet op groot posterformaat opgehangen.. zal goed passen op mn muur thuis :)
Uitspraak van fusieNL op zaterdag 3 oktober 2009 om 15:30:
errrrug dope flyer.. waarom worden die dingen niet op groot posterformaat opgehangen.. zal goed passen op mn muur thuis :)

Ja dat zal mooi zijn, maar dan zal de entreeprijs omhoog moeten.
De presale is los en de eersten zijn al over de toonbank gegaan!! :)
laatste aanpassing
Nu nog meer zin in ! Data is de man, hopen dat hij in de zaal niet tegenvalt.

Tot 4 uur is het toch ? Wij moeten met de eerste trein weer naar zwolle.
Hopen dat er nog een afvoerputje is in de buurt van de vera :)
Mik dj
Artiest Mik
fokking hard zin in, tot vanavond iedereen!!

voetjes van de vloer :)
O hell jawel, dikke vette party on modus tonight:D
En of er een afvoerputje is, heel Groningen is het afvoer putje na vieren;)
Data was super :D Erg technisch en lekker smerig. Beter dan verwacht.

Breakage was goed tot hij dubstep ging draaien, wat een ellende..
Uitspraak van Ctrl Alt Del op zaterdag 31 oktober 2009 om 11:05:
pfffffffffff wat suf was dat zeg

Riverside motherfucker :D :roflol:
laatste aanpassing
vond het ook goed tegenvallen, freaknc op einde was hoogtepunt van de avond..goed ingesprongen ;)
Sommige mensen zijn nooit tevreden en moeten altijd wat te zeuren hebben 8-)

Ik heb mij heel goed vermaakt; zowel op de drum&bass als op de dubstep (H)

Big up 4 Fre4knc :cheers:
Uitspraak van Van der L. op zaterdag 31 oktober 2009 om 13:21:
Riverside motherfucker :D :roflol:

:lol: dat was echt het dieptepunt van zn set whahah
Het was weer moddervet! Genoten van alle setjes en inderdaad Freaknc de man van de avond.­ Echt gruwelijk was dat zeg....­ 0_­o
welke harry gaat er nou dubstep draaien om half 3 op een drumn bass feest...­

laatste aanpassing