Ain't A Party Without Harrison

Ain't A Party Without Harrison

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Ain't A Party Without Harrison (afbeelding)
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Harrison, een echt multitalent. Hij kan draaien, hij kan zingen, hij kan eigenlijk alles. Partyflock sprak met hem over zijn muzikale carrière, zijn recente hits en alles wat nog komen gaat.

Hey, Harrison! Your new track 'Sally' with Hardwell has just been released – are you happy with the reception it's been receiving?
It's what I expected. The track is controversial and has received a mix of responses but I am very happy with the track and the fans I've gained as a result.

For the people who don't know who you are, tell us a little bit how Harrison became involved in the music business.
Music has always been a part of my life. It started turning into a career, when I was around 17. I began by emailing labels and trying to get my music known. My music then took a different turn when I turned my pop tracks that I had made into rock/ dance tracks. Chuckie was the first to respond to one of my emails and invited me to one of his shows in Holland, and before I knew it he was playing my track, 'Ain't a Party'.

You are the voice behind David Guetta's 'Ain't A Party'? How did your career change when this record became a big hit?
It changed drastically. I had so many emails coming in and people who were interested in working with me, which gave me many more amazing opportunities and this track was being played by the biggest DJs at all major festivals and shows.

What do you hope your sound can add to the already big dance music scene, worldwide? Is there a specific sound you are aiming for?
A unique feel as well as a simple, fun, sing-a-long type of music for 4am. I try to aim for similar sounds to 'Ain't a Party' and 'Sally'. I want to create tracks that people hear and instantly know that I made them, with that unique Harrison sound!

What has been the worst job you've ever had, prior to your music career?
I worked nights at a reception in a hotel...
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Your stage presence is quite awesome – not only are you a DJ but you also sing live. Last year, you had some major live performances, including SW4 and at the Heineken Music Hall alongside Hardwell during the Amsterdam Dance Event. How does it feel to play to such large crowds? How do you mentally prepare for your performances?
The feeling is indescribable; there is so much energy and adrenaline. I would say I am always mentally prepared in a way, but it helps to do sound checks to get a rehearsal in, as well as talk to the crew so we all know the plan.

Can you tell us something about the creative process of 'Sally' and your relationship with Hardwell?
Well it all began with my "secret band" we were just playing around with guitars in the studio and throwing around ideas and eventually ended up with "I've been loving Sally", we then decided to go more bold and change it to "I've been f*cking Sally"! My relationship with Hardwell is really cool, he's a really genuine person and we have a lot of fun working together.

What do you think makes the Dutch dance scene different from the rest of the world? How does it compare to the dance scene in the UK?
Their uniqueness and quality for sound. It's a lot more of the EDM and harder-style tracks in the Dutch music industry, whereas the UK has taken on house music more.

How does Harrison get inspired? Is there a specific place you like to escape to, or a piece of music that moves you to create?
It all begins in the studio with a few key words which escalate into bigger ideas. If I'm in a good place, it's more tracks like 'Sally' and 'Ain't a Party' which are of course the more fun ones to write, rather than writing something to get it off my chest.

Who are the idols and DJs that you look up to?
Slash and Eminem
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If we took a look at your music library, what kind of music would we find you listening to?
I enjoy classics such as Sinatra, all the way through to both newer underground and chart stuff.

If you had unlimited funds to organise a festival or a clubnight somewhere on the planet, where would it be and which artists would you book?
Miami, on the beach, with Hardwell, Dannic, Eminem and Steve Aoki!

You have new tracks coming up with Dannic and Thomas Gold, how have you found working with those guys?
Both very humorous guys, we have a lot of fun, which helps with the inspiration!

What can we expect in 2015 from Harrison?
New collaborations with Steve Aoki, Dannic & Lucky Date, Laidback Luke and Thomas Gold, along with some original Harrison tracks!

Any new year's resolutions that have already failed miserably?
Haha! I said I would eat less chocolate ... but that has failed since day one!

Finally, do you have any last words for the Partyflock community?
I hope to see you all at a Harrison show soon!