NaamGermaine Levant
Genresbass, EDM, hip hop, r&b, trap
DJ Main is known as one of the most talented DJs out there. A career which first began as a hobby turned into the real thing very quickly. At first he went through life as a professional soccer player, but he always had a lot of passion for music. Besides playing soccer, he was already running a music business.After turning in to house parties and outdoor celebrations the real work began, which were of course the hottest clubs.

List of Clubs Played: Escape Venue, Sinners, Club Rain, Odeon, Club Home, Club Hartje, Melkweg, Supperclub, Londeners(esp), El Sombrero and many more.

He started as an rnb-hiphop DJ but has manifested himself to an allround DJ. As time passes by so does music.
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Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 30 maart 2012: RnB Universe, Sombrero, Reusel
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