Border One
22 augustus 2018
NaamSteven Petit
Functie47 × DJ
AliasStevie P
HerkomstBelgië België


Exploring the borders of our being through sound, movement and perception. Shifting the future and shaping the unreachable by provoking raw emotions.

Carefully sculpturing his way out of the shadows, Border One crafts a unique story through his music. 2016 will see this young Ghent based producer step into the light. And with heavy support on his first release on Darko Esser's Wolfskuil by DJ's like Kr!z and Ben Klock the light seems to shine bright as ever. Just as much as with his productions Border One's DJ-sets stand out. Immune to trends and hypes he embraces the true skills of an old school DJ due to proper track selection and mostly relying on vinyl.

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