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Mo Disko
3 augustus 2023
NaamMo Becha
Functie8 × DJ
Lid van groepenRheinzand & The Glimmers
HerkomstBelgië België


An overwhelming personality such as Gonçalo's indisputably gives results. The Portuguese, nowadays settled in Ibiza, is a restless mind as he has proved during his career. During 8 years he has been the key behind great revulsion of Andalucia's electronic scene from what was his base of operations, the capital of Seville. Gonçalo has marked a milestone in Seville, allowing its residents to enjoy, for the first time, performances from artists such as Michael Mayer, Jeff Mills, QBert, Afrika Baambataa, Locodice, Superpitcher, MANDY, Âme, Gabriel Ananda, Robert Dietz, Silicone Soul and Donnacha Costello amongst others, all of them guests at Gonçalo's events. His partnership with this autonomous community is tight and productive. He became Creamfields Andalucia's official DJ in 2009, and Dreambeach Villaricos'official DJ and artistic director from 2012 onwards. Both events are the most multitudinous musical events on "Costa del Sol", Dreambeach Villaricos becoming one of the e most important festivals in Europe over the last years.

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Laatste optreden was op zondag 6 augustus 2023: WECANDANCE, Zeedijk, Zeebrugge
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