Cincity (foto)
NaamCindy Kiota
FunctieDJ, VJ
Genresafro, deephouse, house
Cindy Kiota also known as Cincity is a talented female DJ | Producer that loves all kinds of house music. Cindy has African and Dutch roots, wich she uses as an inspiration for her music. Cincity describes herself a black and white at the same time, what kind of makes her gray. Her diversity in music is her strength, what makes her the perfect dj for your party! She brings the perfect vibe and a genuine passion for what she does best "make you dance". One thing is for sure, the music Cincity plays is always funky, refreshing and happy.
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Vlow Minded Productions
Finally a new Dutch female artist that gives you goosebumps in three several ways. We are in love with her White and Black, but most of all her Grey side.