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NaamRutger & Wessel Heij
FunctieDJ, groep
Sasha Avrosa, Rutger Heij
AffiliatieObvious Collective
High Soundsystem is a dj collective which contains two brothers Rutger & Wessel Heij.
Because it is a dj collective the brothers can also perform apart from each other as well.
This way High Soundsystem can be seen/booked at two places at the same time.
The brothers grew-up in a loving place surrounded with world music all the time and even though
there were struggles, they were always very loved by their parents. Both brothers started practicing
music at a very young age. Wessel influenced by Hip-Hop, Latin and Dance. Rutger influenced Hip-Hop, Trance, Latin and Rock. They developed their musical journey apart from each other but both found love for House music. Mainly because of their uncle dj Darik (Erik Damwijk)...
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