NaamThijs Westbroek
The highly anticipated Nu-Breed youngster on the 2-Dutch roster. Brooks, born and raised in the Netherlands, but with his production skills he already goes far beyond the highest mountains. Over the past years he has created his own innovative style of rhythmic Electro House & hard melodic Progressive House.

And if you take in mind this young guy is handpicked by Showtek, you can only say this must be a highly talented freshman on the 2-Dutch team. He's ready to turn the world upside down with his typical mixture of hypnotizing breaks & dazzling drops, be prepared for the thundering Brooks.
Martin Garrix wint slam! award best dj · 9 maart 2018
Radiostation SLAM! brengt de hele week een ode aan de Nederlandse dancescene met de SLAM! Awards 2018.
Slam! award best talent gaat naar Brooks · 7 maart 2018
Zojuist werd op radiostation SLAM! bekend gemaakt dat de SLAM! Award in de categorie 'Best Talent' is gewonnen door Brooks.
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