foto Robosonic
NaamSacha & Cord
FunctieDJ, producer, groep
Genreship hop, house, soulful house, techno
We all know that not everyone understands House Music but even Jack himself couldn't have wished for a more spiritual, body and soul shakin duo to spread the word. You don't exactly have to dive into Robosonic's numerous releases to instantly hear that the classic House Music template - laid down all those years ago in Chicago and New York - was always the most popular game for this Berlin based duo.
It has been 9 years since their first album "Sturm und Drang" and more than double that since these boys adopted mixtapes, crates and bootlegs as their daily nourishment. They've been hard at work in the studio ever since, squeezing more groove out of their tracks than an industrial juicer...
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