Orson Welsh (foto)
NaamOrson Witteveen
AliassenHighlander, Orson W.
Leeftijd44 - 45
Genreshouse, progressive, techhouse, techno, trance
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Orson Welsh, born in 1972 is a Dutch based DJ and Producer and since his early years is still DJing at various club nights around Europe, and abroad. It all started when he got in touch with drums, growing up in a musical family. From there Orson Welsh takes up deejaying and won in 1996 the Dutch Housemix Championships, and could call himself that year Holland's no 1 DJ. His unique style, working with more than 2 decks, and taking the crowd along on his journey is his watermark. And of course, his sets have that certain "Welsh Wobble". In the early 90s he started experimenting with making house music. Inspired by Dutch legends Peter Slaghuis and Ben Liebrand he found his way into producing. At that time Rave was huge in Holland, and Highlander was born...
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Een goede, met de tijd meegaande Dj!
M & M
knalde goed!! ga door wij zijn zeer tevreden geweest met jou optreden.­

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Lekker ding, zelfs nog al die jaren💋💋