Miss Faith
6 april 2015
Functie40 × DJ
HerkomstNederland Nederland
Genresdeep house, funk, house


Miss Faith is a multi-talented female DJ and producer from the Netherlands. She was born on 29 may 1984 in a small village near Eindhoven, named Valkenswaard.

With great interest and talent for singing and dancing, Miss Faith started her early career at the age of sixteen, in the music industry as a member of a successful girl band. Recently celebrated 10 years anniversary. They toured around the Netherlands with dance/music acts. Lotte`s stage experience is really huge, more than thousand performances till today. It`s not hard to understand she`s born to perform.

In 2011, she discovered a new passion in spinning records and producing electronic dance music. This Dutch female dj brings a new fresh vibe in the electronic dance and club scene. She has developed an interesting own, commercial sound. Pumping beats, attractive vocals and always the perfect sense for the crowds needs. Miss Faith becomes one with the public, only on stage.. her stage.

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