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NaamDavid Moleón
Genreshardtechno, schranz, techno
BoekingenSite cubbo.net
David Moleón is an expert DJ and producer with 15 years of experience. David has appeared on the line ups of prestigious events throughout Spain, including at the Electrosonic Festival, Live Dance Festival, Industrial Copera, Code, La Cova, etc… He has also sparked interest in countries like Italy, Portugal, France, Slovenia, UK, Holland.

David was born and raised in Granada, Spain, but he spent a year in Greece where he deejayed and organized various events. It was there that he was exposed to different types of music and began to define himself as an artist. Throughout his career he has invested time in mixing, music technology, web design and sound technology.
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Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 18 oktober 2013: Imagination Festival, Expo Prague, Praag

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