Kurwastyle Project (foto)
NaamMartin Ritter
FunctieDJ, live act
Genresspeedcore, terror
partyflock Martin Ritter (26 jan 2017)
Started making music in his childhood, with a PSX game/DAW called "MTV Music Generator".
Then he bought also the PC version and during the years 2003-2005 he was producing Old-school Hardcore and Early Reverse Bass Hardstyle.

In the beginning of 2006 the name "Kurwastyle Project" was born, and he started to producing Speedcore influenced by artists like USN, Pain Alliance, Komprex or Passenger Of Shit.
In 2009 he released the first full-lenght EP called 'Das Ist Splitter" on his own underground Speedcore netlabel 'Splitterblast Records". It was successful, and helped him to get more attention in the scene and also his first live-shows in Germany and Poland.

In 2011 due to the several personal reasons he stopped producing for a while.
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14 opmerkingen

kneus die denkt dat die zo geweldig is :loser:
zwaar waardeloos!
Hahaa flikker toch een end op, dit is goed!
Artiest Imil
Held dit! _O_
Echt slecht amateuristisch werk :/
zo speedcore is hij tegenwoordig niet meer. meer hitjesparade blije terror en uptempo :roflol:
Kurwastyle Project, representing Czech republic into the terror scene 💪💪
He smells money and fame that's why noisekick wanted him.­ Now he is uptempo to the bone