Bojan Aleksander (foto)
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Genreshouse, techhouse, techno
partyflock Bojan Aleksander (5 aug 2010)
Bojan Aleksander bought his first turntables in 2005 and since then he has won 3 DJ-contests, hosted 2 of them, spinned at numerous big parties and festivals in the house and techno scene, gained a residency at pand48 in Groningen and has organized a dozen houseparties.

Recently his affection towards funk music has grown in such a proportion that he started playing, funk, soul, disco, lounge and deephouse sets. This making him a very versatile DJ who can be booked for background music or making the crowd dance their nuts off. He can also be booked with live musicians playing the trumpet, saxophone or percussion going by the name of Alley Cat Collective.
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31 oktober 2015
Foto's, ReŁnie, 31 oktober 2015, Huize Maas, Groningen
28 januari 2010
Foto's, Kluplifting, 28 januari 2010, Huize Maas, Groningen
18 september 2008
Foto's, Kant & Klaar, 18 september 2008, Huize Maas, Groningen
6 september 2008
Foto's, Sensual Seduction, 6 september 2008, Zilvermeer, Groningen
16 augustus 2008
Foto's, Treats Open Air, 16 augustus 2008, Rietzoom, Kropswolde
2 augustus 2008
Foto's, Smerige Pepper, 2 augustus 2008, Huize Maas, Groningen
24 mei 2008
Foto's, Stiletto, 24 mei 2008, Pand48, Groningen
21 februari 2008
Foto's, Kant & klaar, 21 februari 2008, Huize Maas, Groningen
22 november 2007
Foto's, Ben dr klaar mee, 22 november 2007, Huize Maas, Groningen
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