Sarin Assault
28 mei 2020
NaamPatrick Guilleman
Functie13 × live act, producer
HerkomstFrankrijk Frankrijk
Genresdarkcore, drum & bass, industrial hardcore, terror
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All started in 1996, Sarin Assault with artists Micropoint and Speedyq's, started the French hardcore label Dead End Records. Releasing mainly Noise techno experimental tracks under the pseudonym TR and Hardcore Techno under Sarin Assault name on labels such as Dead End records, Digital Hut, Sans Pitie, H2OH Recordings, Epileptik... TR (now mainly a Dark electronic breakbeat DnB project) /Sarin Assault started KTR productions in 2002 focusing on futuristic sound and beats.

In 2007 started KTR XT, sublabel of KTR productions with Tbook production, focusing on Dark Industrial Hardcore techno and Hard Drum & Bass.

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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 9 augustus 2014: Strakke Rakkers, Rector, Gent
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The Incurable
wat een suppa bruut album die red reign DAMN!!
Seppe :beer:
broken rules
Poekie Poes O:)
fucking HELD :respect:

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KTR productions
Cheeze Graterz
Hardcore basic
Dead End Rec
Digital Hut
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21.09.2007 - Cityrave / Fighting The Industry!

Uitspraak van Sarin Assault op dinsdag 24 juli 2007 om 06:17:
KTR productions
Cheeze Graterz

That's the shit :respect:

See you @ Cityrave Patrick!

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Looking forward to youre set on Hellbound :jaja:

Due to health/personal reasons SARIN ASSAULT is canceling his trip to Europe and therefore will not be able to perform to any shows. Big apologies to all the fans out there
No problem man.
Your health is more important (y)

I hope we will see you very soon in Holland! :D
sarin_assault-live_in_kyoto_(japan)-web-2007-gmp3 :respect:
Sarin Assault - The 4 Shadows :respect:
First you should test the taste of hell in this world...
Before you past to the next whehehehehe
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I Will Take Ur Soul ;d
Man I really hope to see you at the 17th of may :D
Im not there.. wrong area (n) last time @ Cityrave was in area 2
but think now that is the terror room

hoping to see another concept like cityrave - fighting the industry
to bad you was sick that time, but all sets at area 2 where real good :yes:

specially those of bong-ra en axn (y)
Live-set in Kyoto is vet! :)

The Void :respect:
laatste aanpassing
dark waves :respect:
DE MAN :respect:

Vaagheid op z'n uiterst met zijn producties

stuk voor stuk !!!


laatste aanpassing
Hope you come to the Netherlands real soon :D

Uitspraak van HFC op vrijdag 21 maart 2008 om 18:30:
Live-set in Kyoto is vet! :)

I know ;) weet wie hem heeft geripped. Die nieuwe vinyl van hem die platen hoorde je ook al in die set.
Hopefully I will be seeing you on Ground Zero :D:D
Uitspraak van ioH op zaterdag 4 april 2009 om 16:48:
Hopefully I will be seeing you on Ground Zero

yeah me 2, 2 years after the 1st attempt :lol:

already got the ticket (y)
laatste aanpassing
great own style and productions :respect:
Saturday :)
Great set (H)
set op Dominator was weer gruwelijk :kwijl:
danku Poekie you can listen to it again here
Mental Wreckage
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Sarin Assault's new album "Red Reign" is finished and will be hitting the stores around the end of December. It will be a pretty diverse album, varying from 139 to 258 BPM and also includes several collaboration tracks with Deathmachine (UK), Fiend (USA), Nawoto Suzuki (JP), SpeedyQ's (FR), Akira, The Relic and Warchetype.

Red Reign will be released on Sarin Assault's record label KTR Productions Ltd. and comes in two different versions; CD (11 tracks) or Digital (11 tracks + 2 exclusive bonus tracks). Most of the tracks will also be released on 12" vinyl in the near future.

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Sarin Assault - Red Reign

01. Sarin Assault - Chrome
02. Sarin Assault - The Man Who Grew Wings
03. Sarin Assault & Fiend - Fighting Is Futile
04. Sarin Assault - Out of Darkness
05. Sarin Assault & SpeedyQ's - Sarin Attack
06. Sarin Assault - Red Reign
07. Sarin Assault - Breath
08. Sarin Assault & Deathmachine - The Thing
09. Sarin Assault & Akira - U Gonna Get Urz
10. Sarin Assault & Nawoto Suzuki - Yakuza
11. Sarin Assault, The Relic & Warchetype - Demon Child

Digital Bonus tracks:
12. Sarin Assault - Battle for the North Star (2012 Remix)
13. Sarin Assault - Vader