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NaamRoger Semsrot
FunctieDJ, live act, producer
Lid van groepTR-101


Roger Semsroth aka Sleeparchive, grew up in East Berlin, but he did not belong to the GDR born and raised kids that embraced Techno as soon as the Wall came down.
His first love were Post Punk electronics of the darker kind and EBM, but those soon surpassed being mere references when he first made his name with the widely acclaimed projects Skanfrom and Television Set.
But he felt in love with Techno in the mid 90s, as the sound had already outgrown the raw disarray of its pioneering days. The sounds that attracted him to the proceedings were much more refined, reduced, and intense, produced by artists like Jeff Mills, Mika Vainio and Richie Hawtin...

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Laatste feest was op zaterdag 15 februari 2020: OOST, OOST, Groningen

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Het is nou niet echt bepaald een entertainer..­ wel een dikke sound!

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dr is ook niks wat in de buurt komt van SA!!
Uitspraak van paulus80 op zaterdag 6 september 2008 om 01:07:
dr is ook niks wat in de buurt komt van SA!!

jawel slaap.