Cinnaman (foto)
NaamYuri Boselie
Genresdubstep, hip hop
partyflock cinnaman (25 nov 2015)
The Amsterdam based Yuri Boselie, alias Cinnaman, is rightfully known as one of the leading Dutch DJs of the moment. At an early age he stepped up behind the decks and his years of experience clearly come to the fore in his eclectic DJ sets. Cinnaman plays a wide range of styles and is never afraid to mix the known with the unknown. From Chicago house to hip-hop, from UK bass to garage: Cinnaman never hesitates to take risks in his sets and always draws for remarkable combinations and transitions. His sets are not the only way he introduces his listeners to new sounds: he was head of Viral Radio and together with Jay Scarlett he curated the Beat Dimensions compilations...
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Mary Cherry :[
Diep, diep, heel diep :D

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Kom op mega diep?Afsluiten in een mega zaal waar techno werd gedraaid met poney van Ginuwine:-s
Wat deep man!!!
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