foto Ferry Tayle
NaamLudovic Meijer
Leeftijd38 - 39
Genresprogressive house, progressive trance, tech trance, trance


French producer & DJ Ferry Tayle was born in 1982. His first musical experience was with jazz. He started playing the saxophone at the age of 7. He became interested in electronic music by discovering Jean-Michel Jarre's first album. After 14 years of jazz music he decided to move into electronic music. He bought his first decks in 1999 and began to DJ. In 2000, he took his first steps in his professional development in the biggest club in the east of France called "Le Colysée". In just one year he had the chance to share the decks with some big names like Cosmic Gate favoriet, Darude, U96 and very well known French house DJ, David Guetta.

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Luminosity · Beach Festival72 bezoekersBernie's BeachclubZandvoort
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16 februari 2013
Foto's, Grotesque, 16 februari 2013, WesterUnie, Amsterdam
15 november 2008
Foto's, Luminosity, 15 november 2008, Players, Zoetermeer

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Heerlijke set op Luminosity 2009.­ Onthoud deze naam.......­
Ferry @­ Before the Energy was magic - what an energy

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Echt een geweldige DJ!!!!!!!!!!!