foto The Blessed Madonna
NaamMarea Stamper
AliasThe Black Madonna
HerkomstVerenigde Staten
Genreshouse, techno
Facebook Zelfde facebook gekoppeld


Do you believe in magic?

In some ways, the story of The Blessed Madonna begins with three magic words, scrawled in shoe polish on a broken-down box and hung with Christmas lights on the wall at a small sweaty party: We Still Believe.

"I think you have to give up completely to really understand what hope is. We didn't have any decorations, so I took a box and wrote, 'We Still Believe' on it. I needed to believe that something better was possible and that's how it started. If you don't have any hope, then write some up and hang it on the wall."

How does one transform, barely overnight, from hometown hero into one of the most sought after and respected DJs on the planet?