25 november 2023
Functie3 × DJ, live act
HerkomstFrankrijk Frankrijk
Genresacid techno, acidcore, acidtekno, industrial techno, techno, tekno
AffiliatieWeird Planet


Perfectly embodying the groovy spirit of Tribe while breathing an ethereal and other-worldly atmosphere, Velcro's music stands out as a hybrid sound object whose vibrations overwhelm the whole body. In a world where the different kinds of music are all too often compartmentalized, his universe unfolds with total freedom of influences.

It's at the early age of 13 that the French artist makes his first steps on a MAO software and develops a particular sensitivity for the acid sound, even before knowing the term. Particularly marked by the omnipresence and the variability of this sound within the electronic landscape, and especially in free party, this sensitivity progressively becomes the strength of his productions.

Uitgaansagenda Velcro

Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 29 december 2023: Tek Wars, IKON, Antwerpen
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